The Product

Achieve maximum results in minimum time with the revolutionary HIT Machine: combine aerobic exercise with responsive resistance training and benefit from shorter recovery times and reduced risk of injury…

 …What’s more, the HIT Machine uses the latest heart rate technology to generate a visual representation of effort and performance during the workout and records a post-session report. The HIT MACHINE is a revolutionary variable resistance exercise machine, providing a scientifically proven form of exercise. It is a stand alone tower with free motion arms and it facilitates 50 plus high intensity exercise and it is extremely versatile. The patent pending technology responds only to the users forces, allowing exercises to be performed in a safe and controlled environment.

It’s the intensity that changes us!


My team and  I personally tested the HIT Machine. I was amazed at the levels of intensity that could be safely achieved. The amount of calories burned during and after each session is very impressive, but maybe the most remarkable outcome was the reduction in post exercise pain or DOMS – it really has to be tried to be believed. Now that we have our HIT Machines installed we are delighted to be offering our clients something very new in high intensity training and remarkable as it seems they really can train harder and recover faster with great results! 

Chris Brown – Gym Owner