The HIT Machine has proven benefits, evidenced in the University of Ulster report, as well as comprehensive industry validation. Read on to find out why gym owners, including Daley Fitness, are choosing the HIT Machine for their venues…



“I have not seen anything this revolutionary in terms of fitness equipment since the early ‘70s when I was a Churchill Fellow at UCLA in California. It was in 1971 when I first saw the early nautilus machine, which has gone on to be a household name and a global brand.”

– Dr Mike Bull OBE

(Two-time Olympian, ex-Ulster and Ireland Rugby Head Fitness Coach)


“The HIT machines along with the business model provided has already added another dimension to our facility and has been a huge success with our PT clients and gym members!”

– John Pilkinton – Result Fitness, Durham



“As a rehab too the HIT Machine has endless applications. The ability to reduce injury and muscle soreness, while targeting every muscle group, is a real breakthrough.”

– Aamir – Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Competitive Athlete


I am a qualified fitness professional and have worked in the fitness industry for 17 Years having graduated with a master’s degree in sport. For about a year now I have been using the HIT Machine in a small studio set up. I was sceptical about the benefits of a HIT Machine session at first, but now I’m a total convert. Using this equipment has totally transformed my business. I now offer my clients a highly addictive, high intensity fun work out, which gives visible results, improved fitness and heart health, increased energy in a shorter session! I’ve moved away from one on one sessions and using the HIT Machine business model, my clients participate in small group training sessions of 2, 3 or 4 people. This has reduced the costs for my clients and greatly increased my hourly rate. It’s a win, win scenario!      

– Christine MacDonald – Personal Trainer  


My team and I personally tested the HIT Machine. I was amazed at the levels of intensity that could be safely achieved. The amount of calories burned during and after each session is very impressive, but maybe the most remarkable outcome was the reduction in post exercise pain or DOMS – it really has to be tried to be believed. Now that we have our HIT Machines installed we are delighted to be offering our clients something very new in high intensity training and remarkable as it seems they really can train harder and recover faster with great results!

– Chris Brown – Gym Owner


At Spectrum Leisure and Community we are always on the lookout for the latest developments and trends in Health and Fitness. As a small leisure trust, we are dedicated to delivering the very best to our customers and clients at all times.

When we were first introduced to the HIT Machine, we were intrigued about the potential of this new technology and decided to meet the team and try the equipment for ourselves. My manager Mr Dan Boulton accompanied me and remarked after using the HIT Machine,” This was a totally fantastic high intensity work out, unlike anything I have ever experienced before, it was totally unique!” Our HIT Machines are now on site and we see this as an opportunity to revolutionise the way training sessions are delivered to individuals and small groups. We are able to offer our customers something very new, affordable and we are very confident that this will help drive up our membership.​ ​   ​

– Ian Hirst – CEO SLAM Community Development Trust


I have a personal training studio and recently had a HIT Machine installed. Having worked in the fitness industry 12 years I have seen many weird and wonderful pieces of fitness equipment from power plates to VIPR tubes, but I’ve never seen a machine with such versatility as this. I have a plethora of clients all with unique goals, fitness levels and injuries. A 71 year old male client, riddled with arthritis has had a very limited range of movement, since using the HIT Machine, James can now perform exercises which where impossible for him before.

I have female clients who love the idea of HIIT sessions but have tried classes such as insanity and have enjoyed the intensity of the workouts but have found the wear and tear it has taken on their bodies has put them off going back, due to the HIT Machine’s concentrically biased movements I have found it to be a great tool to perform HIIT in a safe, controlled way and in conjunction with the polar H7 heart monitor they can get a detailed analysis of their workouts sent straight to their phone.   I personally have reaped the benefits of it as I am a pro wrestler and need to be able to perform explosive bursts of power in quick succession. Having wrestled hundreds of matches I have many aches and niggles that kettle bells and power bags can aggravate, but with the HIT Machine I can train at a high intensity with low risk of injury.

I can’t recommend it highly enough to personal trainers and clients, there is something for everyone with the HIT machine!

– Grant Davison – Personal Trainer